🥃💡Shots 2020/44

Kleinigkeiten, die am Boden des Glases klebten (Jahr 2020, Kalenderwoche 44)

Ein Hemelinger.

Hemelinger Pils zur Aufzeichnung einer neuen Episode @scotchenlighten
October 22, 2020


Das Land der Freiheit gibt ein klägliches Bild bei der Abhaltung ihrer Präsidentschaftswahl ab. Dabei sollten Wahlen doch ein Fest der Demokratie sein.

Weintrinkende Wasserprediger.

For climate change researchers, work-related travel – including for conferences and fieldwork – is a major carbon-emitting activity. At the same time, many argue that climate scientists have an important role in curbing their own aviation emissions to align their practices with their assertions in relation to emissions reduction.

Der Hype.


After all, as Twitter itself acknowledged, banning the link did not stop the news of the story from spreading. If anything Twitter’s actions had the opposite effect: it made the story spread far more widely than it would have otherwise, now with the additional suspicion that the powers-that-be must want to hide something. 

Oregon Trail.

In any case, this is the real-deal, full-color, feature-complete game I remember from my youth, now able to fit in the palm of my hand! All the original sounds are in there and everything. So cool.