🥃💡Shots 2020/46

Kleinigkeiten, die am Boden des Glases klebten (Jahr 2020, Kalenderwoche 46)

Philosophische Stormtrooper.

Dein nächstes Profilbild.

Das neue SP-STUDIO wird voraussichtlich pünktlich zum Tod von Flash gegen Jahresende erscheinen!

Applaus „vom Band“.

The league found its answer in the form of 30 iPads, one for each team, loaded with various crowd reactions so that a little tapping and scrolling was all it took to play the proper noises. But an artificial crowd is as an art as much as it is a science. And it’s harder than it looks (or sounds).


I predict that historians of the development of artificial intelligence are going to see sexual gratification as one of the phenomenon’s great motivators. Evolutionary psychology can give us insight into how sex robots are going to develop and the ramifications they’ll have on society.


What might vaccine tourism look like? You will get multiple rapid tests before boarding the plane and taking your business-class seat. Upon landing in Dubai or Hong Kong, you will quarantine briefly, get your jab, then spend a few days more under observation and hotel quarantine. You will then fly back home.